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Invest in Getting Ahead BC
We are determined to offer every under-resourced individual in Beaver County the opportunity to get ahead and stay ahead. We envision a Getting Ahead outpost in every struggling community and a growing network of neighbors with hope in their eyes. Your financial support, especially a recurring monthly or quarterly gift, will help to insure we have the necessary resources to support our efforts.

Give a $25 gift card
At each of the 16 sessions, workshop participants receive a stipend of $25 (in the form of a gift card) to help with expenses, as they make progress toward greater stability and self-reliance.  

Donate Workshop Materials 
Each participant receives all the needed materials for the workshop -  notebooks, pencils, pens, markers, whiteboard paper.   

Donate Snacks 
Who doesn't love snacks? Whether you lean healthy or indulgent, a well-placed snack is a guaranteed smile inducer - for both kids and adults!    

Support Us

Please use this form to tell us what awesome thing you want to do!

Thank you for the Support!

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